Advantages of N-TOPCon technology Jun 04, 2021

Under the background that PERC solar cells are gradually approaching the limit efficiency, TOPCon solar cells are considered to be the most promising solar cell technology to replace PERC cells as the next-generation mainstream solar cell technology. Although HIT is more efficient, the cost will remain high in the long run. This is one of the important reasons for being optimistic about the N-TOPCon technology.

TOPCon has higher efficiency potential and stability. In addition, the ultimate efficiency of TOPCon cells is about 28.7%, much higher than PERC's 25% and HJT's 27.5%, which is very close to the theoretical limit efficiency of monocrystalline silicon, 29.43%.

The newly released J-TOPCon 2.0 technology has improved solar cells efficiency. The existing PERC production line is compatible with the TOPCon solar cells production line, so that the cost reduction of TOPCon and PERC solar cells tends to be the same. This is also considered to be a major advantage of TOPCon compared to other N-type technologies.

The solar cells used in the Niwa series of solar modules is based on the new generation of J-TOPCon 2.0 technology. The solar cells uses M10 large-size silicon wafers with a power of 570W+. In terms of power generation, TOPCon has a stronger single-watt power generation capacity. Due to the advantages of low temperature coefficient, low attenuation, and higher double-sided ratio, TOPCon solar modules of the same power have higher power generation gain.

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