After PERC Solar cells, HJT or TOPCon Solar cells? Jun 18, 2021

The HJT efficiency record set in 2019 was 25.11%. In 2021, the conversion efficiency of TOPCon battery will reach 25.09%, and it will become the creator of TOPCon's new world record.

Who will take over PERC for crystalline silicon cells? Take the lead in realizing mass production.

In November 2019, certified by the German Hamelin Institute of Solar Energy (ISFH), the full-area photoelectric conversion efficiency of SHJ solar cells reached 25.11%, breaking the original world record of 24.85% for 6-inch silicon wafers.

In April 2021, tested by the German Institute of Institut für Solarenergieforschung in Hameln (ISFH), the conversion efficiency of single-crystal double-sided N-type TOPCon cells reached 25.09%, and the efficiency of TOPCon cells based on the commercial size of monocrystalline silicon wafers exceeded 25% for the first time. The creator of the new world record.

SEA FOREST is Leader of N-type bifacial technology.SEA FOREST N-TOPCon bifacial solar panel is producted by fully automatic facility and world-class technology.

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