Large-size photovoltaic modules will revolutionize the distributed market matrix May 20, 2021

In terms of reducing the cost of distributed photovoltaic BOS, the advantages of large-size photovoltaic modules are unmatched by small-size photovoltaic modules. With larger and more efficient photovoltaic modules, under the premise of increasing power generation efficiency per unit area, the number of photovoltaic modules installed is relatively reduced, resulting in a simultaneous reduction in BOS costs such as cables and brackets.

In fact, behind the continuous technological breakthroughs of large-size photovoltaic modules is the joint efforts of dozens of companies in the 600W+ Alliance. The 600W+ Alliance gives full play to its leading role, actively shares successful experiences, and cultivates 600W+ industrial ecology with an open attitude. In the future, the 600W+ alliance will continue to promote the innovation of standardized production models and the deep integration of the industrial chain, play an advanced leading role, accelerate the supporting and integration of the industrial chain, and promote the overall upgrade of the photovoltaic industry, ultimately bringing higher benefits to customers.

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