N-type solar cell, opening a new stage of solar cell development Jul 23, 2021

Crystalline silicon solar cell technology is based on silicon wafers, and is divided into P-type solar cells and N-type solar cells according to the difference of silicon wafers. Among them, P-type solar cells are mainly BSF solar cells and PERC solar cells, and the mainstream technologies for N-type solar cells are HJT solar cells and TOPCon solar cells.

1) P-type solar cell, the main technical route of traditional single crystal and polycrystalline solar cell is aluminum back field technology (Al-BSF), and the current mainstream P-type single crystal solar cell technology is PERC solar cell technology, which has simple manufacturing process and low cost. Overlay SE (selective emission technology) to improve solar cell conversion efficiency;

2) N-type solar cells, as P-type solar cells are gradually approaching its conversion efficiency limit, N-type will become the development direction of next-generation solar cell technology. N-type solar cell has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, high double-sided rate, low temperature coefficient, no light attenuation, good weak light effect, longer carrier life, etc. The main preparation technologies include PERT/PERL, TOPCon, IBC, heterojunction Wait.

N-type solar cells have high conversion efficiency and are expected to replace P-type solar cells as the mainstream of development. Judging from the current technological development, the P-type PERC solar cell has approached the efficiency ceiling, and the rate of cost reduction has also slowed down. The N-type solar cell has a higher efficiency ceiling, and the improvement of solar cell technology and efficiency is significantly accelerated. There is a lot of room for efficiency improvement in the future. As the cost of localized equipment continues to decrease, it is expected to become the mainstream solar cell technology route in the future. At present, the new high-efficiency solar cells that achieve small-scale mass production (>1GW) mainly include TOPCon, HJT and IBC. HBC and laminated solar cells are still in the laboratory research and development stage for the time being. At the same time, the conversion efficiency of the laminated solar cell composed of N-type solar cell technology will have room for further improvement.

N-type solar cell

N-type solar cell

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