The highest efficiency in the industry's N-type TOPCon large-size solar cell Sep 30, 2021

As one of the first photovoltaic companies in the industry to deploy TOPCon technology and realize mass production, our factory has been focusing on the R&D and iterative innovation of TOPCon technology for many years. At present, it has been equipped with TOPCon technology to reduce the cost of electricity and improve the efficiency of power generation. With mature technology, excellent results have been achieved in the improvement of solar cell efficiency. The efficiency of the N-type TOPCon solar cells independently developed by our factory based on 182mm*182mm silicon wafers and POPAID technology has broken through again, achieving a laboratory conversion efficiency of up to 25.4%*, and has passed the third-party testing and certification of the Chinese Institute of Metrology. , Is the highest efficiency in the industry's N-type TOPCon large-size solar cell laboratory.

From the aspects of test data and physical principles, the photo-thermal environment affects TOPCon cells and solar panels. Compared with traditional P-type solar cells, J-TOPCon 2.0 components perform better under photo-thermal conditions, with lower LETID attenuation, and are more suitable for Hot and humid areas. Our factory has provided products for many 100MW photovoltaic projects, including Oman 458MW large-scale ground power station, UAE 320MW large-scale ground power station, Oman 125MW large-scale ground power station, Qinghai project 153MW, etc. As the key equipment for domestically produced TOPCon solar cells matures and the investment cost of the production line drops significantly, the large-scale industrialization of global TOPCon solar cell modules will develop rapidly.

*Note: Laboratory efficiency, mass production cannot be achieved with this efficiency target in the short term.

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