TOPCon mass production shows great potential Dec 10, 2020
TOPCon mass production shows great potential
Commercialized solar cells aim to achieve over 24% efficiency in the near future. Since PERC cell gradually approaches its efficiency limit, TOPCon solar cell is regarded as the most promising technology to be the major product in the next solar cell generation which can replace PERC cells.
As technology of solar cell tends to be mature, the reduction of the cost of Si, glass, installation system and mounting rack is very difficult. In the future, the reduction of LCOE of solar energy depends on the increments of solar cells’ efficiency. Based on the current cost, 1% efficiency increment will reduce 2.82cents/Wp.
Compare with PERC cell, TOPCon cell has higher potential on efficiency and stablility. LID and LeTID are always a big problem of PERC cells. However, the TOPCon cell doesn’t have the risk of LID and LeTID due to the features of N-type c-Si. Furthermore, the efficiency limit of TOPCon cells is around 28.7% which is much higher than 25% of PERC and 27.5% of HJT. It is very close to ideal efficiency limit of c-Si, 29.43%. Thus, TOPCon cell has higher potential to develop.
In the past few years, had great achievenments on N-type TOPCon solar cell. The efficiencies of TOPCon solar cells reach 24.5%. The new technology, J-TOPCon 2.0, apply the original POPAID (Plasma Oxidation&Plasma Assisted Insitu-doping Deposition) technology. Compare with J-TOPCon 1.0, 2.0 reduces the processing steps and achieve the higher efficiency and yield. J-TOPCon 2.0 curtail 3 manufacturing processing steps. The single-side surface poly-Si deposition and doping of poly-Si can be completed in one step which can further decrease the cost. J-TOPCon 2.0 achieves 24.5% solar cell efficiency by omitting the etching step of wrap-around Poly-Si which avoid the damage of pyramids of the surface.
TOPCon module produces more electricity per watt compared with p type. Each 10W increment on the module will bring 0.05RMB/W premium. In the future, the LCOE of TOPCon modules will be continuing reducing to achieve the same cost of PERC modules.

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